One More Speaks: Thanks, TC!

Hi Tory,

I am just an ordinary person who stumbled upon the Tom Cruise video through a local sweepstakes forum. This was not the first Tom Cruise/Scientology video that I had seen nor was it the first time I had heard about their beliefs. I had read about their belief in Xenon and was intrigued that seemingly intelligent people could believe this. Shortly after viewing the video someone on the forum posted a link to and told us that guy that owned the website confronted Scientologist and that he had a lot of interesting videos on his site. Well, my husband and kids had gone hunting for the weekend so I decided to kill some time on the website.

I have to say that once I started watching, I literally couldn’t stop. At first I laughed and commented about what fruitcakes these guys were (Buddy, Croc and Mary) and that this was obviously a Cult. The more I watched and the deeper I got into things, the more I realized that this wasn’t funny at all. This was a dangerous group. As I watched the pickets I gained a great deal of respect for each of you. You always kept your cool and continued on your mission in the midst of all of the nonsense that these “handlers” tried to dish out. In the end, they were their own worst enemies. Anyone watching could clearly see that this was a Cult trying to silence the messengers.

I find it funny that the one person (Tom Cruise) that Scientology used as a tool to spread the word has caused such a media uproar in the opposite direction. People like me are scratching our heads and wondering what the heck is going on and so we go to the internet to see what all the talk is about. Once we are there, we learn the TRUTH. God bless Tom Cruise for that.

On a personal note I want to say that I admire you so much for what you are doing. You have shown me that it’s not crazy people who join Scientology. It’s Scientology that brainwashes people and makes them do crazy things. The comparison between the videos of you during your Scientology days and those post-Scientology speaks volumes. In the early videos you appeared robot like and empty. In the later videos you appeared Intelligent and funny and full of life. And did I mention funny. I love your personality and I am so glad that you finally woke up to share it with the rest of the world.

As I said at the beginning of this letter, I’m just an ordinary person who stumbled across your story and was so moved that I wanted to reach out and say Hi and let you know that your message is being heard.

Take Care,

XXX (Name removed to protect the innocent)

Way to go, Tommy Boy! Once again, you’ve done it :)

You’re the SP of the year, for sure.


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