Parsons, Crowley, Hubbard and Black Magic

Most people (if not all) “in” C of $ have no clue of L. Ron Hubbard’s original days connected to Aleister Crowley (“the Beast: 666), Jack Parson’s and their connections with Black Magic.

Parson’s was a founding member of J. P. L. (Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena) — and there’s a huge story about the 3 of them, which Cal Tech has put on, last week — and this week-end, too. Crowley had his own cult (OTO) and some of the members of that were there, last week.

I made a video about it and then went this week-end, also, with some other friends.

The head of the theater group, and L. Ron Hubbard (the man who played him) both saw my video (it’s on the Cal Tech site, under “for more info about Parson’s, Crowley and Hubbard”) and thanked me for making it.

As one of my friends just said: “Did you think Hubbard would ever be thanking you?” We had a good laugh about that.

If you don’t know of Hubbard’s early days, either go see the show if in LA tonight, or read Russell Miller’s “Barefaced Messiah”. Quite a story!

My best to you all, and Greg::: Move along~ :)

One thought on “Parsons, Crowley, Hubbard and Black Magic

  1. Hey Torry :-)

    Just wanted to say I’ve had some contact with The OTO, and read quite a bit of Aleister Crowley’s stuff. That being said, I really dont think its fair to use the term Cult to describe the OTO. Frankly, I’ve met a couple high ranking officers, and they’re NOT “charming” enough to manipulate people anywhere near what it takes to run a legitimate cult. Sure there’s a lot of secrecy about some of the teachings, and there’s “grades” like in Scientology, but as best I can tell the similarity ends there.

    I’ll admit though that Aleister Crowley’s ideas seem really bizarre and strange at first glance, but if you read deeper, he’s really impressive

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