Tommy Davis, Scientology Spokesliar

I just listened to the latest Australian interview, and honestly, I’m shocked at the volume of lies Tommy Davis (Scientology’s new head PR now, since Mike Rinder left) repeats.

Tommy appears in this segment:

YouTube Preview Image

You can see their new program of turning the once “Applied Philosophy” into a hard corp. “religion” is rolling, with TD repeating in almost every line something about “other religions”, or how religious they are. HA!

Hell, he could make any horrific action sound like a religious action that his “Church” Cares so much about. Oh pullllllllllleasssssssse!

Giving to your community? How?

THE RPF is voluntary? REALLY? Ya wanna come over and do a few interviews with a few X-RPF people *I* know? And no, it isn’t because they didn’t follow your “Codes” as you say. It’s because your “Church” does VERY abusive things, and then lies and pretends those abuses were “helpful”. Is it a desert or a floormop? Which is it, Tommy?

Routing out should be fast? Really? “No, it IS quick”. Who do you think you’re fooling? And no, there’s “no grilling”? What about the Sec checks?

And “Anyone can leave at any time”? Did you forget about me escaping AND being chased across the country, or Mark Headley nearly run off the road, or Jesse Prince leaving with Shot guns on David Miscavige?

Those are just a few of the many, many stories proving you are lying through your teeth.

“All the community services we have”? Really? What? You don’t have *a* community service, except to gain “PR”. I know, I worked with “Ron’s Public Relations office”. The goal? “Handle any and all bad PR about Hubbard”, Period.

Volunteer ministers? All I ever heard from executives is: “Did we get any press?” Now I’m sure there’s a better program now, but you and I know what the truth is, don’t we, Tommy?

If someone is expelled, it’s because there’s a “good reason”? BS. I was declared SP and expelled without ONE “Ethics Action” not one. That’s out tech, dearie.

“Do PI’s Tail people” You don’t know? BS again. I was in the BBC car when u all were tailing them. They even said: “Don’t they realize we are the BBC and we’re filming ALL of this? Stop Lying Tommy Davis!

One day you’ll remember what “responsibility” and “ethics” and “Integrity” really mean, and that day you’ll join all of us who left your “church”, because we realized those words are said daily, but used never within the group.

WTFU Tommy Davis. You’re growing old, lying, being a floor mat for David Miscavige.

2 thoughts on “Tommy Davis, Scientology Spokesliar

  1. Tory.. I am using this way to deliver comm under the radar of hackers.. of course your whole deal and the rest are prob compromised. Imagine sending plants into Youtube or Google or NSA .. these cats have NO IDEA they would be infiltrated thusly … as it was in GO daze. But .. funny thing is this is a test of sorts. Nuff said. Drop spots are being watched on key believers… thing is most of them can have access to data on the net and have been or can be doubled. Most have Fam Friends in Pawn. But some just wake up somewhat and confess. In the last CFI video you kept closing your black sweater over you breasts… I finally saw the shape during that and WOW HOTTSIE TOTTSIE! With that Pic Arnie was showing who I did NOT pick up was u then at Delta.. NOW I KNOW YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL GODDESS OF GOOD.. … I would have dropped my girlfriend then for you for sure! But you were SO .. no way. Heber and his long blond hair sang for us in a Parking lot in 1970 ..with the GO behind our backs.. member? Lovc

  2. Ok yes, absolutely Tommy Davis lied through his teeth. The WORST lie
    was “There is no Disconnection”. I have my “SP Declare” right next to me,
    saying “Her Only terminal is the IJC via the Continental Justice Chief”.
    That was written by C of S and is official, and proves they have disconnection.

    Besides living with my now ex-husband of 27 years never speaking with me (which
    part of our marriage vows was ~~no matter what~~ we would ALWAYS remain
    friends and in communication..I also live daily with TONS of “Friends” who won’t speak to me.

    I also speak with families and loved ones, tortured by the phony “church” of
    Scientology and their endless BS harming families.

    So yes, that’s just one of his many lies. Thankfully I think he’s out.
    And to the 1969 person……….jeesh, thank you. I remember Heber.

    I’d need a bit more info to guess who you are.
    Hope you’re doing well :)

    Love to ALL and thank you for coming by my site, and especially for
    commenting. Thanks to Mark Bunker for helping me with it :)


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