International Critics Help Ex-Scientologist Home Free

Narconon kicked out a girl yesterday, Her Mom called asking for help and this is a true story of International Help, Love and Freedom. I posted on FB asking if anyone could pick her up..and the rest is history. :) They thank you ALL who have chipped in. I thank you ALL!! It has truly been one of THE most exciting things starting off this New Year of 2012!

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Here’s our song.  PEACE!

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One thought on “International Critics Help Ex-Scientologist Home Free

  1. Hey Tory, have you ever heard of Joel S. Goldsmith? You can check out his books on Amazon.

    It’s proper food for the soul. His “Man Was Not Born To Cry” and “The Art of Meditation” might be very helpful for ex-scientologists floating around in confusion and struggling to heal.

    Just felt like sharing. Take care :)



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