2 thoughts on “Here’s My New Email!

  1. hey Tory – love watching your vids, and appreciate your humour and heart. I’ve been watching a while…months? Yet I’ve only just checked out your blog link… and what a neglected blog it is :) I guess you’ve been busy!

    (no scientology connections, just rubber necking on that whole Road Traffic Accident of an organisation!)

  2. Dear Tory,

    Recently, I took the tour at the LRH life exhibition on Hollywood Blvd. (It hasn’t been updated for years, and there are large parts of the tour they just skip now.) The young woman giving the tour, named Rainie, has stuck in my head. She is young, energetic, bright, pretty, with all the potential in the world. She didn’t grow up in Scientology, she joined up a couple of years ago in Taiwan. Clearly, she’s a true believer and, just as clearly, she’s made a decision that is likely to ruin her life. Is there anything that folks in the “wog” world can do to help sea org members to recognize that they have other options? I check your videos from time to time, in case you’d care to answer that way–I’m sure I’m not the only one with this question.

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